how to save money on your young living essential oils

This post is all about how I save money with Young Living Essential Oils and how you can also. I believe these products are worth any price for the benefit of wellness and for the benefit of feeling confident about our health. 

I’ll be honest. The girl who shared Young Living with me was a great friend of mine and I basically loved every bit of advice she gave me until she shared her oils. I thought she was kind of nuts. I mean really….she spent HOW MUCH ON OILS every month?! That in the world?!

NOW???? I totally get it!!! THEN??!! I thought she was cra cra.

Here’s what I know now that I didn’t know then….

  • You can’t put a price on your family’s health.
  • You can’t put a price on feeling in control of your family’s health. Having tools. Having information. Understanding. Having answers. It’s priceless when compared with fear and unknowing. Staying awake all night worrying. Taking kids to doctors and emergency rooms in the middle of the night out of concern and lack of information. Giving kids medicines with serious side effects because I don’t understand the symptoms, illnesses, immune systems, medicines etc.
  • These oils were given to us by God to use for our wellness. Wait what? Sit on the for a minute.
  • The oils heal the plants and regulate the plants hormones and they can do the same for us. Again, wait. What? Yep.
  • Young Living puts intense detail into making sure these oils have the highest level of therapeutic quality possible in each drop of oils. I support them and their efforts to make my family well.
  • These oils are amazing for my family’s wellness. Our emotional wellbeing. Removing toxins. Finding products that actually work. Keeping our family safe and well and happy.
  • The deals on Essential Rewards are amazing.
  • Getting my monthly wellness box is amazing.
  • Sharing oils pays for my monthly wellness box WHILe helping other families improve the wellness in their homes. Again, wait what? That’s the best part. Other families are ditching chemicals AND I’m getting free oils for it. Does it get any better than that? Not really!
  • Oh…the oils ACTUALLY work. I didn’t believe it until I tried them just for smells. I was a total skeptic. And, once you try them…you’ll find something they work for. And you, too, will become a believer. We all do. Because…they work. They are amazing. Life changing.

So, I tried them. I used them a bit off and on until I really started to dig deep. Until I really started to use them….ALL THE TIME. in ALL THE THINGS. And now I have seen such a change in our health. A change in our wellness. I am sold and I am a believer and I have the tools to keep my family well. 


I would pay any price for that. But I am also cheap and I need to save money to spend money elsewhere.

It took me YEARS to finally commit to spending the money on probiotics. It was a monthly cost I didn’t want to spend every month. And, once I did I was so glad I did because it made a huge change in our health. We get sick less now than ever. But the monthly cost of $x times x people was hard to grasp at first.  Honestly, I needed to get the money back from sharing that wellness with others in order to feel like it was okay to take my family’s money for that. I don’t know why. That sounds silly to say today. I didn’t think that money was worth it at first to spend. I didn’t think it was worth it for my family to get sick less, recover faster, visit doctors less, have less sleepless and worried nights, miss less school, etc. How silly. But now I see the importance. I had to see it to believe it. I have to experience it. Now that I have I wouldn’t stop buying these products for anything. But I also have shared with enough friends that I don’t have to worry about that money coming from our family income anymore and that’s nice too.


  • I use concentrated products like the Thieve Household Cleaner that I buy 1-2 bottles a year. They come concentrated. When they are diluted to use as cleaner they work out to be 50-80 cents per large bottle and are a great deal. I also use the same cleaner as my dishwasher detergent and in my laundry detergent recipe and in my carpet cleaner. It’s a great deal. I don’t buy multiple toxic cleaners at $5-10/bottle anymore. It saves money.
  • I make my own laundry detergent with the concentrated Thieves Laundry Detergent & Thieves Household Cleaner, which costs me around $4-5 gallon for a toxin free, plant based laundry detergent. This is my recipe.
  • I make my own DIY hand soap , DIY hand sanitizers and DIY deodorant at a fraction of the cost of the store bought versions.
  • I use Thieves Cough Drops and because they actually work and we are sick less I buy them once a year or so.


I really love the essential rewards program and how it saves our family money every month.

First, we save money on each product we buy because we are wholesale members.

Next, we save money by getting 10-25% back in product points rewards and using those to buy other products. I love free products. You can save these up for a big oil purchase or you can buy the products you forgot to buy on your order. I’ve done both.

Lastly, I love getting the freebies every month that Young Living has chosen. Some months they offer exclusive products that you cannot buy and are only offered as freebies. Thank you, Young Living. Love you.

Can’t wait to get my Monthly Wellness Box in the mail every month!!!

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