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First of all, I am really upset that we have to be detectives to find this information. We shouldn’t have to research so much to find safe products. But…. we do. The fact that 90-95% of cancers are caused by our environments (becuase we know that only 5-10% are caused by our genes) makes me motivated to help everyone do the best they can to clean up their enviornemnts starting now.

Second, swapping out toxic fragrances and products in our home was like the missing link for our family. It was the one thing we had forgotten about and didn’t realize was causing huge problems for us. We just didn’t see it until it brought us to our knees…literally. We had multiple miscarriages, our dog died of cancer many years too early (I think it was from the water so I share with EVERYONE about the Berkey) and we were struggling with chronic illnesses. It was during I time I thought we were being healthy! We were doing baby led weaning. We were juicing with organic ingredients. But we missed a few things! We started digging and realized our environment was full of toxins! And, we honestly had no idea! It took me a while to wrap my brain around so. many dangerous things being sold as safe in the stores.

Our home was full of toxins that were affecting our home and our hormones. Toxic fragrances, water, soaps, detergents, lotions labeled as “natural” were not. I started hunting for toxins everywhere. I have spent the last 10 years researching ways to keep my family safe and healthy, starting with the most impactful & yet simplest swap. I ditched the toxic fragrance in candles, air fresheners, plugins and wax warmers for 100% pure therapeutic essential oils (read more here). And I was seriously a fragrance junkie. I bought so much of that junk! I used it all over my house!  So, my friend, if you are still using that junk. I get you! I was there! I would love to help you make those changes in your home! Download my free checklist and join my list. And email me! I want to help!

Truth be told, when I first smelled the oils I was still a skeptic. I knew they were safe and not toxic like the fragrances I was throwing out but I did not yet believe they helped anyone. I thought that was a little cra cra. But you know what I’ve discovered? EVERYONE thinks that at first. EVERYONE thinks that until they try them for something….and they work. Because….they work! We have seen so much healing and change. I now have a tool kit full of natural tools that allow me to take care of my family and not have fear of illness. We are strengthening our bodies to allow them to do what they were designed to do. And if you want to hear the end of our stories with our chronic illnesses and miscarriages….message me! I’d love to share it with you! 


This blog is my way of sharing my research with you. I am not an expert. I’m an everyday military wife, mommy of 3, Catholic Convert, photographer, minimalist-ish, reader & researcher. After I research the best choice for my family, I want to share that with you! I try everyday to be more Christ-like. I love to learn and grow from you all. I love to build community with you all. Please message me and comment! I want to get to know you better and work together on this healthy journey to live our best lives!

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  • military wife.
  • mommy of 3.
  • Catholic convert.
  • photographer.
  • minimalist-ish.
  • avid reader & researcher.
  • essential oil user & natural home enthusiast.

natural wellness mommy blog


i have many passions. learning is at the crux of all of them.

  • God. Faith. Catholicism.
  • health. wellness.
  • self/body image.
  • happiness. success.
  • marriage. family.
  • parenting. mothering.
  • photography. [I closed my high end, high school senior photography business for this blog and my wellness & essential oils journey.]
  • minimalism. simplicity.
  • literacy. books.
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  • i have lived in 13 states so far….yikes…up to 15 now!
  • i went to 4 different high schools in 4 different states.
  • i went to 3 schools in 8th grade.
  • i went to 4 different undergraduate colleges (in 4 different states) + 1 for my masters degree.
  • I’m a Jayhawk! I went to the University of Kansas & the University of Denver!


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