This is basically the safety information I go over in my Essential Oil 101 classes and other classes like Toxin Free Living and Hormone classes. It’s nice to have this information, including safety reminders, in print to reference later! 

As always, let me know if you have any questions!


  • Do not put essential oils inside your eyes and ears.
  • What if you do get essential oils in your eyes accidentally? We have all had a time where we accidentally touched the corner of our eyes with a finger that had a bit of peppermint oil on it. That can make for a slightly unpleasant experience. You’ll want to always use carrier oil or milk in a situation like this…not water.
  • Do not use citrus oils in direct sunlight. They can cause the skin to be photosensitive.
  • Photosensitive Essential Oils: Summer Safety Tips
  • Dilute essential oils (with your favorite carrier oil) for sensitive skin, babies and animals. Babies and children have more permeable skin and they absorb oil more quickly.
  • SIDE NOTE ABOUT DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILS. Diluting essential oils doesn’t necessarily mean the oils will work less well. Carrier oils are meant to “carry” the oils to the different cells in your body. The carrier oils should help the essential oil have a more sustained effect on your body. Carrier oils also help to seal the oils in so that the oil doesn’t evaporate as quickly, keeping the oil in your body rather than allowing it to escape.
  • Use stainless stain, glass and silicone (not plastic) when drinking essential oils.
  • Always know that if you have a reaction where an oil feels “hot” or “cool”in your skin and uncomfortable, add a carrier oil…not water.
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