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how to use your young living essential oils in your home every day

I use my Young Living Premium Starter Kit in my home every single day, multiple times a day all over my home. I also use Young Living products all over my home, in my car and out and about every day. I give them as gifts. I use one product in many different ways and I have simplified my life and my routines with Young Living. 



In fact, I order YL Premium Starter Kits anytime I want another diffuser that comes in the kit because it’s SUCH. A. GOOD. DEAL.

  • I use the Young Living Premium Starter Kit every single day.
  • I use my oils in all 3 ways….aromatically, topically and internally. Daily.
  • I use these oils topically for wellness and sleep and for my perfume and to lift me up during the day and distract from boo boos and bad moods.
  • I use my diffuser in my house daily. I use the diffuser in my kitchen and entryway to make my home smell nice for ourselves and for visitors. If we are falling below the wellness line I will diffuse oils good for wellness. Most often I diffuse what we want to smell to uplift our spirits and our moods from yummy smells.
  • I use a diffuser in my guest bathroom so that my guests have nice smells in there. I diffuse in our bedrooms at night for nice rest and for our wellness.
  • I use roller balls on everyone at different times.
  • I put lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit vitality in my water.
  • I use peppermint vitality in my tea and in my brownies.
  • I use lemon vitality in my frostings. I put lime in my cilantro lime rice.
  • I drink Ningxia red daily and I add Lime vitality.
  • I use the thieves household cleaner daily. On everything.
  • I use it in my homemade laundry detergent recipe that is only $4 a gallon.
  • I use my household cleaner as stain remover and as carpet cleaner and room refresher.
  • I even use it as my dishwasher detergent.
  • If the kids want a popsicle it’s a frozen Ningxia red packet.
  • If they want a chocolate its YL chocolate that includes wolfberries.
  • If we eat cereal it’s YL. If we eat granola it’s Yl with wolf berries.
  • We love the granola with wolfberries, the einkorn (ancient wheat) pasta, crackers, pancakes and flour.
  • I always have thieves cough drops on hand. I don’t need to rush out to get these anymore.
  • We all use the Thieves Toothpaste. Mouthwash. Floss.  Kids Toothpaste.
  • The new baby products are amazing. I’m obsessed with the baby lotion. I give that as a baby gift now all the time b/c it is my absolute favorite. I add a bottle of oil – sleepy time or lavender with the baby lotion and it’s a winner.
  • I love the Baby room spray. I use baby wipes daily in every room of my house and my diaper bag. You can also use a Young Living baby wipe as a dryer sheet or to remove your makeup!
  • I use the Kidscents line of essential oils for teeny ones. They are specially diluted for babies. I use the sleepy one and sniffle ease the most.
  • My Dishwasher detergent smells so good I consider eating it every time I do a load of dishes.
  • My Veggie wash is the first one I’ve found that I actually feel good about using on my food and my kids’ food.
  • I keep the Thieves spray in my bag for shopping carts and tables at restaurants. And public toilets too! yuck. I use this when I travel to spray down hotel room phones, door handles etc.
  • I use the supplements. Kids take the supplements.
  • I use the Copiaba Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner on my curly locks. I use the conditioner as curl cream on day 2 and 3 before I wash my hair again to smooth away the frizziest.
  • I am totally in love with the Sandalwood Moisture Cream I just tried. I’m in love!
  • My list goes on and on. I use Young Living in every room of my house and car and take it with me everywhere and I absolutely love it for all the things.


how to use your young living essential oils in your home every day

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