There are my favorite tips and tricks to boost our immune systems when we dip below the wellness line and star to sniffle and cough and feel unwell. The point of all the things is to feel our best and let our bodies function at their best and be able to fight off all the germs (viruses, bacterias and funguses) we come in contact with in our days.

Here we go again. Sniffle. Sniffle. Cough. I can see it in my kid’s eyes when they look like they are starting to fight some crud. And mom kicks the immune system boosting into high gear….for everyone.


The point is for your body to fight all the crud you come into contact with. We now have the natural weapons we need to avoid the MOM FEAR I used to have every time we went out and I saw a play place or a shopping cart! Now, I know how to manage it. We still get sick but the sicknesses aren’t as bad and we can fight them off. Here’s what we do.

  • I diffuse some of our wellness oils throughout the house
  • I diffuse beside everyone’s beds at night.
  • I put my wellness roller balls on everyone’s feet.
  • I use it on the cheeks, in a U type shape around the ear. (Never put essential oils in ears or eyes)
  • I make sure the kids take their Young Living vitamins & probiotics.
  • I may add in extra vitamin C chewable for the kids.
  • I give them Ningxia popsicles.
  • I always take extra Inner Defense supplements
    • I take them in the morning or afternoon and not at night with my probiotics.
    • If I don’t have any Inner Defense I will make a capsule using Thieves, Oregano, Thyme & Lemongrass
  • I take my vitamins. I take my Ningxia.
  • If I’m unwell I’ll use my Thieves Cough Drops.


  • Mix together in a 10 ml rollerball…..
    • 15 drops Thieves
    • 15 drops Melrose
    • 15 drops Lemon
    • 7 drops Oregano
    • 7 drops Frankincense
  • Let sit for a day or two.
  • Fill the rest of the rollerball with carrier oil like light olive oil, almond oil or similar.
  • Roll onto both of feet or spine or around ears for wellness as often as needed during times of stress.
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