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This post was updated on November 6th, 2019.
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101 words of affirmation lunchbox notes for kids

More than 101 words of affirmation for hand written lunchbox notes to your children for almost every day of the school year. My daughter loves hand written lunchbox notes, words of encouragement any kid would love. It’s a great way to stop and tell your children what you want to say to them in a lunch box note full of words of affirmation when life gets busy. 

There are approximately 180 school days in each school year so I’ll continue to add to this list. I currently have more than 101 but you can choose which ones you want to use. I also sprinkle in Bible verses lunchbox notes and Jokes Lunchbox notes for other days of the year also.

I have a post with the 101 Free Printable Lunchbox Notes also that has some great ideas and great free printable. But nothing beats a handwritten note from mom or dad.


  1. You are special.
  2. You are incredible.
  3. You are important.
  4. You rock.
  5. I trust you.
  6. You are original.
  7. You are cool.
  8. You are neat.
  9. Your opinion matters.
  10. I have faith in you.
  11. I love being with you.
  12. I can’t wait to hug you when you get home.
  13. You are a leader.
  14. I believe in you.
  15. I love being with you.
  16. You always do your best.
  17. You are fantastic!
  18. Your best is enough.
  19. You’re a good friend.
  20. Great job!
  21. You make me smile.
  22. You amaze me.
  23.  I am proud of you.
  24. Your smile brightens the room.
  25. You make me laugh.
  26. You are funny.
  27. We are proud of you.
  28. You are beautiful, inside and out.
  29. You are smart.
  30. You are kind.
  31. You are helpful.
  32. You are loved.
  33. You are strong.
  34. Have an incredible day.
  35. You are loving.
  36. You are caring.
  37. You are perfect the way God made you.
  38. There is no one in the world just like you.
  39. You have a great attitude.
  40. You are a hard worker.
  41. You make me proud.
  42. You are the apple of my eye.
  43. You are a star.
  44. You matter to many people in this world.
  45. You are my sunshine.
  46. I am grateful I get to be your mom/dad.
  47. You are brave.
  48. You are courageous.
  49. You have a positive attitude.
  50. You are selfless.
  51. I enjoy being with you.
  52. I miss you all day.
  53. Your heart shines.
  54. You are a shining star.
  55. God wanted to bless me so he gave me you.
  56. I’m praying for you today.
  57. You can do anything you set your mind to.
  58. Let your light shine today!
  59. Your heart shines.
  60. You are our blessing.
  61. Remember we are all God’s children.
  62. Jesus loves you.
  63. I am so proud of you.
  64. God created you for a special purpose.
  65. I enjoy spending time with you.
  66. Thank you for being such a great kid.
  67. I love you just the way you are.
  68. You set a great example for others!
  69. You’re so fast!
  70. You are an interesting person.
  71. I enjoy  talking to you.
  72. You tell great stories.
  73. You are a great public speaker.
  74. You have strong character.
  75. You give the best hugs.
  76. You have a huge heart for others.
  77. Your artwork is amazing.
  78. You are so creative.
  79. You can achieve anything you desire.
  80. You are the son/daughter I prayed for.
  81. You inspire others to be happy and do great things.
  82. You make me proud.
  83. You have GRIT!
  84. Your life matters.
  85. I appreciate your help around the house/with your siblings.
  86. You’re a go-getter.
  87. You are a trend setter.
  88. You are generous.
  89. You are polite.
  90. You did a great job on ____ last night or this morning.
  91. Thank you for helping with ____ last night or this morning.
  92. Great job lately on _______ (keeping your room clean).
  93. You have great ideas.
  94. I like you.
  95. I am thankful God gave me to you.
  96. You are a truth-teller.
  97. The world is a better place with you in it.
  98. You are dependable. And I appreciate that about you!
  99. I love your laugh and smile!
  100. You fill my heart with joy.
  101. Out of all the kids in the world, I got the best!
  102. You are special to the Lord and to me.
  103. Our home would not be the same without you in it.
  104. Nothing could ever make me stop loving you.
  105. I always want to hear what you have to say to me.
  106. Your sisters/brothers are so blessed to have you as their sister/brother.
  107. The day you were born was one of the best days of my life.
  108. You made me a mother (for the first born).
  109. I love watching you grow up.
  110. Spending time with you is fun.
  111. I’m sorry for ______. Will you forgive me? I love you.
  112. I forgive you for _____. I will always love you.
  113. You’re doing a great job as long as you’re doing your best!
  114. You stand up for what is right. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Good job!
  115. I love you!


An affirmation is the acton or process of affirming something or being affirmed. It is a declaration of sometime true. It can be emotionally supportive and encouraging. We can build up our children’s self esteem by affirming their sense of self worth through positive words of encouragement.


You can find out the love languages or your children here with this book. Or here on the website using this quiz.


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