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best media dvd tv for kids to watch

I do use the TV for my children but I try to be intentional about its use. And often when I ask my kids to sit down and watch TV so I can be intentional or productive without distractions…they won’t do it. Sigh. They would rather play or read. My days are busier without the TV on but in the end it’s better for them and I don’t have to deal with the “after TV crash” of emotions that inevitably happens every time.

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  • when the children are sick and I need them to sit.
  • when I’m about to lose it and need a few min to gather my sanity.
  • if I have to make a phone call
  • long car trips
  • in the car when mom needs a break (notice I had two scenarios where mom needed a break?)

We go days and days and weeks without turning the tv on at home. But we watch in the car more often than I’d like. It’s my only break somedays with little kids at home who don’t nap at the same time.  We don’t have cable anymore. We use our Apple TV and DVDs I’ve purchased with their development in mind. On our Apple TV we use Netflix, Amazon Prime and DirecTV NOW.  DirecTV NOW allows us to sign in to other apps like Showtime and HGTV apps to watch regular programming. (Showtime is for parents to watch shows like Billions). 99% of the time we watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes downloads.


I hate commercials.  I have let my elementary aged daughter watch HGTV with me on occasion and I hate that commercials come on. We use it as a learning exercise to discuss what the advertisers are trying to sell us. We talk about it. But oh boy is she susceptible to marketing! It’s shocking.


  • Children of the World Series. & Families of the World.
    • This is great to show kids how other families around the world live. They almost always do more chores than we do in America. They usually feature two families from each country. One family is usually living in a more rural area where the other lives in the city.  The children narrate their life. My kids (older mostly) love this!
  • Creative Galaxy. After one episode they are usually off to craft. It’s full of great ideas.


  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. These catchy songs will always be a staple in our family.
  • Reading Rainbow. We watch this on Amazon Prime now or we rent these DVDs from the library.
  • Sid the Science Kid.


I like Hulu because for a few dollars more every month we can watch TV without commercials and I really like that option with kiddos. They are so susceptible to marketing, even if we work on discussing why we shouldn’t be.

  • Sid the Science Kid.
  • Barney (Call me crazy but they are sweet shows and we like things that are sweet influences on our kids. I cannot tell you how shocked I am at the attitudes I see in our culture right now in books and TV shows.)


I know. I hate having STUFF around. I prefer less things. But sometimes the “good old stuff” is only available in a good old-fashioned DVD….not for download.

Scholastic Treasures DVDS

Preschool Prep Series Collection: 10 DVD Boxed Set

Brother Francis Complete 15 DVD Set

Blessed – First Reconciliation and First Communion by Dyanimic Catholic & Matthew Kellly

best dvd videos for kids

Vacation Bible School DVDs

My kids love continuing to watch those songs and the motions they learned every day over Vacation Bible School week. The memories and songs live on and they have so much fun with them. And it’s even better when their VBS friends come over and they can sing and dance in the living room (or car) together.

Our Wedding Video

  • The kids love watching our wedding video. It’s really neat. Except when I walk in the room and see my dad and I can’t hold back the tears. When I was trying to decide if I should pay for a videographer at our wedding someone told me one day, when my dad was gone, I would want a moving image of him. They were right. I do. I love that video. The kids watch it all the time. It was worth every penny.


We love audio books. We started using them when my first daughter was about 2 years old and we started with her favorite story, Curious George CD and book (the classics).  I’m not even sure if you can get that one anymore!

NOW, WE USE AUDIBLE. Here’s how it works..

    • Sign up at for your free trial membership (get free books).
    • We have the Gold Membership right now. 
    • You will start accumulating points every month for your membership.
    • I go online to to buy a new book. Kids books are often only $1 so I won’t use a credit (because these cost around $14.95) I will just buy that book. But if the book costs MORE than I paid for that credit, I’ll use my credit and save money no that book.
    • Go to your audible app and you can download the book and start to listen right away.

WHAT IF I HATE THE BOOK? This does happen. I don’t like the book. I can’t get through the book. The kids don’t like the narrator. You can chat with Amazon and they are awesome. They will RETURN the book credit or cost to you! Isn’t that amazing customer service? I LOVE AMAZON.


**Many are under $2 each!!! Some are under $1 and include photos if you play it on your iPad you actually get the images of the pages too!**


Will you comment and recommend your favorite educational DVDs and audiobooks?

I LOVE TO LEARN FROM YOU, MY SMART FRIENDS. I have learned so much from all of you. Will you share with me?

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