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This post was updated on November 15th, 2019.
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    Inside THE TOXIN-FREE HOME CHECKLIST you will find….

    • OUR STORY. The story of my dark times hitting rock bottom with our health. We had multiple miscarriages, chronic illnesses we couldn’t solve & our dog died of cancer before we started really digging deep into our environmental toxins to clean it all up.
    • 5 BEST TOXIN-FREE HOME TIPS. These are my attempt at starting small. Start with my tips page. Start there and work on cleaning up your environment in baby steps. OR, if you’re not frightened by the amount of toxins in your home and you’re just mad….throw it all away today and start over. If you choose that route, you might want to email or text me though so I can help!
    • 2 PAGES OF TOXIC ITEMS HIDDEN IN YOUR HOME. I broke them down room by room.
      • Kitchen
      • Cleaners
      • Water Safety
      • Food
      • Supplements
      • Out & About
      • Bathrooms & Beauty
      • Clothing
      • Baby & Kid
      • Bedrooms
      • Laundry
    • LINKS PAGE. I also added a page of links to my blog and some resources to help you with further reading on some healthier swaps.
    • MY CONTACT INFO. You can reply to emails from me or email me directly. I really do want to walk alongside you on this toxin-free journey. I can’t wait to meet you!

    Please do not get discouraged. 

    I made the list pretty comprehensive. Do not get overwhelmed. Start with fragrance and go from there. Do not feel like you have to eliminate everything right now. (Unless you just want to and then have fun and let me know how it goes!)

    I am serious about contacting me. Email me today & let’s chat about where you are in your toxin-free journey. I want to learn from you too!


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