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  1. I am very intrested in what your experience with toxins in home. I have been on a year or 2 long mission in discovering what is attacking my family’s health as a whole. As dr.s the see and treat one individual, they clearly miss the whole health of family. My family moved to a new state and a year in our home I started noticing serious deterioration in our daily function. I have tested us for lead and lyme with no prevale. I have asked drs. for a neurotoxicity testing, but they arent listening. I told my husband it’s got to be a neurotoxin. I wasnt absolutely sure & for a while I was 2nd guessing myself. Then after carefully breaking down each family members systems, symptoms, recurrences for over a year and half now! About 2 weeks ago I told my kids pediatrician, I am 100% make that 200% it’s a toxin. So now I have been trying to narrow it down, and I am at a total loss! Environmental or in my home or is it invisible mold in the walls! We rent as we move around every couple years for my husbands work so I didnt have a home inspection before. PLEASE HELP!!!!