diy no sew stretch swaddle

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    1. Hi Serena! I’m so sorry I missed your message until now! The beauty of making these yourself is you can customize them so I recommend making a small batch at first and trying them. My favorite size is about 6×6 inches but I also tried 8×8 inches.

    1. Gosh! I’m so sorry! It was so simple I forgot to explain it! You just cut the fabric and that’s it! You can cut any shape you like and any size you like. I tried 1.5 yards and found it to be too small. I prefer 2 yards and I prefer to leave it just as it is! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so glad you let me know since it appears others had the same question!!! Thank you!!!

  1. It seems there are two graphics the show the way to swaddle a baby but no instructions on how to make the blanket

    1. So sorry! The DIY swaddle blanket being No Sew was so simple I forgot to tell you how to make it. You just cut the fabric! Ha! That’s all! You just cut the fabric and because it’s jersey fabric it rolls on the ends and it’s done 🙂

  2. Tori, I also am not seeing the measurements for the cut of Doodle fabric. I see that the swaddle requires 2 yards. Do you finish edges? Are you folding in half?

    1. It’s so simple I didn’t even explain it! Sorry! I updated my post!

      You just cut the fabric! That’s all!

      Jersey fabric rolls a bit when cut so it looks finished on the edges. And, I like my swaddle blankets in the square/rectangle shape BUT if you like triangle swaddle blankets you can cut your fabric at an angle and get 2 blankets where I only get one.