This post was updated on November 6th, 2019.
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FITori has retired.

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Truth is, I never loved the name FITori. It never really fit me. And as the years went on, I changed and grew and FITori fit me less and less.  I tried to remove some of the posts that didn’t fit me anymore but I just couldn’t remove enough, change it enough or make it fit all I’ve learned over the last few years. The language was about being skinny and looking good. It was about things that just don’t fit who I am anymore. I couldn’t make it fit. It was time for a fresh start.


I will bring some of the content over in a fresh way. But it will be true to who I am now. A modest mom. A Catholic convert. A hippie homemaker. A mom who cares more about health and functional fitness than looking good.


I have changed in ways I never could have imagined in the last few years. Here are a few….

I’ve changed how I eat…totally. I’ve learned how to eat mostly from this book. I don’t diet anymore. I don’t eat diet food.

I’ve changed my body image…totally. I will never compete again in a physique competition. If I ever compete again it will be in a functional fitness competition. I cannot explain to my daughter that looks don’t matter and then alter my entire life in order to look a certain way. It doesn’t compute.

I became a mom.  Becoming a mom changed me in ways I never could have imagined. I am a better person because of being a mom.

I became more modest.  I didn’t like having all those photos of me in bathing suits up everywhere. I’ll post a few

[for now] because it’s part of my journey. But I’m not sure they’ll stay up forever. This one is probably because of becoming a mom and Catholic…and just growing up.

I became Catholic. Oh boy did this one change me. More on that to come. Thank you God. 🙂